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Corporate Identy, Advertising, Collateral Materials, and Website Design
Corporate Identity, Advertising, Marketing Materials, and Website Design

Levers Advertising & Design has created identities for a number of companies and organizations, from logos to entire branding approaches applied to signage, communication materials, and collateral pieces.

Whether a technology company, a retail store or a non-profit, we can create an identity that delivers the essence of what you want to bring to your intended audience. If you have a range of materials that deliver the company's message outside of the company, we can develop a corporate style guide to keep everyone on the same page. We can also create templates for those materials which follow a format, like sales sheets, reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Sometimes our clients need only an "upgrade" or a new take on their current identity. Since many companies have equity in an existing identity, what they need is a refresh that shows a contemporary maturing and an up-to-date understanding of their business. We understand that too.



Logos designed by Robert Levers


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