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Corporate Identy, Advertising, Collateral Materials, and Website Design
Corporate Identity, Advertising, Marketing Materials, and Website Design

Levers Advertising & Design has developed many “homes” in cyberspace—from straightforward sites with a simple message to ones that utilize Flash animations and make use of databases to deliver images and information.

We've worked a lot with Harvard University over the years, developing websites for the Sociology Department, the Harvard University Libraries—in particular, the Open Collections Program—and a number of centers around the university. Recently we've been developing a website for the Faculty of Arts Sciences Development and Diversity Office using their proprietary iSites tools—we will work with whatever it takes.

Though we are very comfortable with academia—we've even designed personal sites for professors—we are also very good at building websites for the commercial sector.

Design for us is taking the “why”, organizing the content in a way that speaks to your audience, developing a look that is faithful to your company or institution, and delivering your message. The technology that makes it all work means nothing without the up-front thinking that ultimately fully engages your site's vistors.

For more information about websites for academic insititutions and professors, please visit this page.

1. “Daguerreotypes at Harvard”
2. The Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research
3. Washington Crossing Apartment Homes for New Boston Fund
4. Customer Contact Corporation
5. The Bonn Room for Wyman's Liquors
6. The Transparency Policy Project at Harvard's Kennedy School

Harvard University Libraries, HCTAR, New Boston Fund, Customer Contact Corporation and Wyman's Liquors all have websites designed by Levers Advertising & Design


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