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Corporate Identy, Advertising, Collateral Materials, and Website Design
Corporate Identity, Advertising, Marketing Materials, and Website Design

Our job is providing clients with the tools they need to be successful. At its most basic level, we create the perfect package for the delivery of your message. Often that means developing the message as well. Whatever we do for you, it's always with the big picture in mind. Most of that falls into one of the categories below, but we can handle anything you might throw at us. To see some examples, please use the menu to left.

CORPORATE IDENTITY: We create unique marks for companies and institutions. We can expand this to a program that includes specified typefaces and colors to support the mark, as well as a coporate style guide, if needed. We then apply this to communication materials such as business cards, stationery, and pocket folders—all the materials needed to maintain the proper “frame” for your message. We can also set up a PowerPoint template so you're not presenting your original thinking in an off-the-shelf format.

ADVERTISING: We create ads from the ground up, first coming up with a range of concepts in response to a strategy and set of needs. We aim for the smartest combination of image and words to invoke a response from your target audience—everything from full-page 4-color trade ads to black-and-white small space ads created for a local audience. Often these ads are tied into driving traffic to a website. (Yes, we work on websites, too—more on that later.) If your ad or project requires a photo shoot, we can set it up and direct it. We also create web banners for online advertising.

MARKETING MATERIALS: We consider this advertising as well—it just works in a little different way than in the pages of a magazine or newspaper. Information tied to your corporate identity or brand tends to have a little more shelf life, with materials sometimes being passed from hand to hand. Our hands, in fact, can be found behind brochures, booklets, direct mail, sales sheets, trade show graphics, reports, newsletters and posters—from the writing and editing to the design and production, we make sure these do the job.

WEBSITE DESIGN: Whether a new site or an overhaul of an existing one, our work always starts with an assessment of needs. Based on ongoing discussion, a sitemap is developed which identifies content and suggests a navigation scheme. A number of designs for a homepage are proposed before narrowing it down. After a template is developed, a test site is built and content added—you can write it, or we can develop it with you. After it is working, we launch. If you need a host for the site, we can arrange the marriage.

ODDS & ENDS: Sometimes the things we do just don't fit well into any category. We've developed icons for applications; covers, diagrams and maps for books; and CD and DVD covers. What can't we do? Try us.




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